Stage and Internship

SAXBi Internships

The final exam requires a previous internship (thesis) during the degree course, in academic, private or governmental institutions with expertise in health risk assessment, to acquire the expected 29 ECTS.

In order to request the internship (thesis) at least 28 ECTS shall be acquired, with the request to be made not before the second semester of the 1st academic year.
In order to start the internship (thesis) at least 51 ECTS shall be acquired.

The final exam consists of: written text, oral presentation and defence of a risk assessment exercise conducted on a case-study, agreed by the tutor and the candidate. The objective of the examination is to assess the students’ broader and deeper knowledge and skills to independently apply the knowledge presented in the taught courses and be able to perform a full risk assessment integrating the different elements of the risk-assessment-process.

In addition to the expected 29 ECTS, the Laboratory of Risk Assessment (8 ECTS) offers the possibility to the students to add their free credits to the scheduled credits for the preparation of their thesis, with the evaluation of the student's performance based on the experimental thesis period.
Otherwise, students can acquire 8 ECTS with free credits, choosing courses among those offered by the University of Milan, relevant to SAXBi programmes and held in English.

Thesis supervisor duties
The score for the activities carried out by the candidate for the Laboratory of risk assessment shall be sent to the Head of the study programme by the thesis supervisor, using the form available in the Graduating section.

Internship thesis request

The form duly filled-in must be submitted to the Head of programme of Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products, Prof. Emanuela Corsini (

General information (COSP)

An internship (or traineeship) is a training experience encompassing different options:

  • Students can participate in curricular internship/work placement
  • Those who have completed their study programme not more than 12 months ago can do extracurricular internships/traineeships.

The Cosp manages setup procedures for internships in public and private companies and institutions aimed at enrolled students, graduands and postgraduates.

How to find a stage opportunity

Students can either select one of the available internship positions on the University noticeboard or find an internship by themselves.
In any case they must follow procedures established by the Study and Career Guidance Centre (COSP).