About SAXBi

The Master's degree programme in "Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products" (SAXBi) at the University of Milan is a top choice for studying toxicology in Europe. It lasts two years and provides students with in-depth understanding of this broad and interdisciplinary area.

This toxicology programme focuses on human health and prepares students for professional careers in the public or private sector. In addition to full-time academic faculty with internationally recognized expertise, several working-professional instructors bring real-world experience, enhancing the programme’s practical orientation.

SAXBi provides training in theoretical, clinical and laboratory aspects of toxicology that are essential for hazard identification/characterization and risk assessment according to European and international regulations for a broad range of chemicals (e.g. pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, environmental contaminants, industrial chemicals).

It also provides a framework for integrating the principles of toxicology into the design of safer chemicals using 21st-century toxicology tools (e.g. high-dimensional data, computational approaches, systems-level thinking). Over the course of study, students will learn how to contribute to a sustainable future through chemical safety (green toxicology).